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HardOn X-Power - 120mg Sildenafil

The strongest tablet we got!

Please note: We do not ship to the UK. For orders for Germany and other european countries, please order on our german page.

HardOn X-Power contains 120mg Sildenafil Citrate, the same ingredient as Viagra. These little helpers guarantee a long lasting sex life for all ages, and believe us, HardOn X-Power really do work!!

We advise to take one HardOn X-Power tablet about 20-30 minutes before you plan to have sex. HardOn X-Power Tablets start to work within 15 minutes and can last up to three hours. HardOn X-Power tablets will help you to get an erection when you are sexually excited, but will not lead to an erection by itself.

If preferred HardOn X-Power tablets can be split into two dosages of 60mg. Do not take more than one HardOn X-Power tablet within 24 hours.

Our HardOn X-Power tablets are manufactured by Aurochem Pharmacies, India, to highest medical quality standards.

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